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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions. If however, you still have a question feel free to e-mail us.

Ideal Paint & Body Inc. specializes in providing trucking fleets with quality, service and speed for collision and paint repair work. You benefit because Ideal Paint & Body Inc. is designed to give these services at a reasonable cost. Our constant goal is giving you "Value Thru Technology."

Why use Ideal Paint & Body Inc.?
Why should I pay for some fancy technology?
How should I choose a shop?
How should I review estimates?
Isn't everyone's work the same?
Are there warning signs of a poor repair shop?
How do I know if I am receiving a quality paint job?

Why use Ideal Paint & Body Inc.? Ideal Paint & Body Inc. has committed to provide you with repairs and refinishing services that will reduce your down time and increase your vehicle's useful life. Our commitment is reflected by:
  • Ideal Paint & Body Inc. making the inspection or pickup you request the same day normally, and within 18 hours at the latest.
  • Providing clear printed estimates and invoices, specifying the work, parts and the materials (including paint brand and type) so you know exactly what services you are paying for and receiving.
  • Ideal Paint & Body Inc. works on trucks every day giving you the efficiencies and quality only a dedicated truck facility can provide.
  • Ideal Paint & Body Inc.'s shop is organized to handle trucks quickly, with minimum waste. Our 10 truck bays, traffic isles, crane hoist, paint mix room, 60 x 24 paint booth, high transfer ratio HVLP spray equipment, parts ordering & fabricating systems contain costs.
  • You can verify this commitment, visit our shop and see how we work. [Back to top]

Why should I pay for some fancy technology? Most of Ideal Paint & Body Inc.'s technology isn't fancy or costly. Ideal Paint & Body Inc. uses knowledge and effort to do things in the best, most cost effective way. Our clean up-to-date shop means more of the paint we spray goes on your truck and not in the air; our bay layout means we have adequate room to repair your truck and do not have to move several trucks to move your truck, our lighting allows our workers to see well so your repairs are done properly and quickly the first time, our heated paint booth provides you with a clean, properly cured paint job, and the safe working conditions attract qualified employees concerned with the quality of what they do. Ideal Paint & Body Inc. "Value Thru Technology" saves you money and gives you better quality. [Back to top]

How should I choose a shop? Find a shop that normally does what you need done. At the least determine if they do truck body repairs and painting most of the time. Pay a visit. The 30 minutes you spend will save you thousands. Do they have the room to handle your size trucks and several at once. If the shop is not clean and organized, chances are your repairs won't be either. Physically look at where your vehicle will be painted. Does your vehicle fit inside their booth? See copies of EPA permits, licenses, insurance and fire inspections to avoid liabilities you never bargained for. Receive a clear, written, understandable description of the work and services you need. Obtain references and check. Ask for references for the same type of work and make a couple of calls. [Back to top]

How should I review estimates? "Replace" should mean new original equipment parts. Anything else, such as after-market or used parts should always be noted. Confirm that what you understand is correct. Each item and operation should be listed. Will necessary priming and sanding be done? Is the repair warranted? (Is it likely anyone will still be there if you have to come back for warranty work.) When will the work be completed? Is the type and brand of paint listed? Cheap, lesser quality paints are often used by some shops since they will look OK at delivery time but wear poorly. [Back to top]

Isn't everyone's work the same? An inexpensive repair or paint job will probably cost you over a year or two. Ideal Paint & Body Inc. has repaired many vehicles where inadequate repairs were done by others. Poor reinforcement of stress areas, improper rivets, not using any primer or the wrong primer, inadequate sanding, using too much plastic filler, poor welding are among the most frequent costs of using a low quality repairer. Additional down time for the corrective repair and paying to remove the initial bad work significantly increase the cost to make a safe proper repair. [Back to top]

Are there warning signs of a poor repair shop?

  • Dirt. You can not do quality, clean work in a dirty shop.
  • Vehicles crowded around. Could you work efficiently under the circumstances?
  • Not having the necessary permits. If they cut corners here on safety and the health of their workers, what corners will they cut on your repairs?
  • An insistent appraiser recommendation without satisfied customer references. You or your premiums are probably paying for work you don't need or not getting what you should.
  • A nonspecific or unclear description of the work. Does the shop know the steps that have to be done or does it know something you don't but should? [Back to top]

How do I know if I am receiving a quality paint job? The shop should be willing to describe in writing the basic steps they will perform. Cleaning the surfaces, hot pressure washing of grease and oil; sanding and grade of paper used (#180 being adequate low end, #600 and #1500 being premium truck work); surfaces to be masked and hardware to be removed before painting; what areas will be primed using what materials; what brand and type of paint will be used, how many coats of paint will be applied (Ask to see the empty cans of paint used if proof seems necessary). Preparation is critical to proper paint application. It is time consuming. Shortcuts will lead to long term problems such as peeling, pitting, accelerated rusting, poor gloss retention. Initial shine is a poor indicator. [Back to top]

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